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SERBIA & MONTENEGRO: Serbian President Wants Cooperation on Key Issues

The Democratic Party has announced it is willing to cooperate with every pro-democracy and pro-European group in Serbia based on a 10-point agreement on national priorities, party President Boris Tadic said on March 25.
Tadic, also Serbia's president, told the Democratic Party steering committee that this does not mean the party wants to join the Cabinet, but rather that it wants to lead the unification of the country's democratic potential for the sake of resolving Serbia's crucial problems.
He emphasized that this agreement would be limited in duration and last until the calling of an early general election, an event without which Serbia will not have the energy to meet any of its goals.

The plan addressed economic, security, and judicial reform, fighting corruption, dealing with the status of Kosovo and Serbia-Montenegro, resolving the issue of cooperation with the Hague tribunal, media stabilization, European integration, and the adoption of a new constitution as a break with the events of the 1990s.

According to Tadic, the present Serbian Cabinet risks being blackmailed on key problems. He added that the Democratic Party will not withdraw its support as long as the Cabinet continues to tackle Serbia's top problems, such as cooperation with the tribunal.
"There is only one Serbia and it is indivisible. However, Serbia now faces a choice between setting a course for the EU or going back to the 1990s."
A day later, party spokesman Djordje Todorovic said that Serbia needs early elections and that his party still wants all pro-democracy parties to unite until elections are scheduled.
Commenting on Democratic Party of Serbia leader Vojislav Kostunica's recent expression of readiness to patch up ties with the Democratic Party, Todorovic told BETA that early elections are necessary to encourage people to go back to supporting Serbia's democratic forces.

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