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I am not drunk

This is classic

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Kosovo compromise: 14 working points

1. Belgrade and Pristina will focus on developing special relationships which will be based on their historical, cultural and human dimensions.

2. Belgrade and Pristina will in the future resolve problems in a peaceful manner and will not enter any actions or intentions which could be characterized as a threat to the other side.

3. Kosovo will be fully integrated into the regional structures, in particular those linked to economic cooperation.

4. There will be no return to the pre-1999 situation.

5. Belgrade will not rule over Kosovo.

6. Belgrade will not regain physical presence in Kosovo.

7. Belgrade and Pristina are determined to work on progress which will lead to the association and eventual membership in the European Union, as well as on progressive integration in the Euro-Atlantic structures.

8. Pristina will carry out wide measures aimed at improving the condition of the Kosovo Serbs and other non-Albanian communities, in particular through the decentralization of local government, constitutional guarantees and respect of cultural and religious heritage.

9. Belgrade and Pristina will cooperate in the fields of key importance, including:

a) The fate of the missing persons and the return of the displaced; b) protection of minorities; c) protection of cultural heritage; d) their European perspective and regional initiative; e) economic questions, including fiscal policy and energy, market and harmonization with the standards of the European Union, the development of common economic organs and the development of strategy in accordance with regional economic initiatives; f) freedom of movement of people, goods, capital and services; g) banking sector; h) infrastructure, transport and communications; i) protection of the environment; j) public health and social progress; k) fight against organized crime in particular in the fields of terrorism, arms, drugs and human trafficking, as well as in the fields of organized crime; l) cooperation between municipalities and authorities from the two sides; m) education.

10. Belgrade and Pristina will create common bodies which will assure cooperation.

11. Belgrade will not interfere in the relations of Pristina with international financial institutions.

12. Pristina will take care of its finances fully independently (taxes, budget revenues, etc).

13. Kosovo will continue the process of stabilization and association with the EU without any interference from Belgrade.

14. The international community will keep its civilian and military presence in Kosovo even after the status is determined.

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Early snow in Bosnia

Since sunday snow fall has reached over 3 meters in some parts.
source: AP

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Former Finnish president Martti Ahtisaari sold out for 2 million euros

Former Finnish president and one of the world’s most respected living Nazis Martti Ahtisaari (i.e. Adolfsen) is a very busy man these days. Turkey — correctly noting Ahtisaari’s strong pro-Muslim bias, undoubtedly a result of historically sound and productive fascist/Muslim alliances — wants Ahtisaari to help them break into the EU. In Northern Ireland, where Ahtisaari was meddling before, he was appointed an “international advisor” to a reconciliation group.

Let’s hope they can afford the 70-year-old whore with a steep price list.

According to the June 21 article by the Banja Luka daily Fokus, titled “Albanian Mafia Bought Ahtisaari,” German Federal Intelligence Service BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) has recently sent a report to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon revealing that Albanian separatists and terrorists in Serbian Kosovo-Metohija province have literally purchased Ahtisaari’s plan which suggests independence for the Serbian province and its severing from Serbia.

German Secret Service has found that 2 million Euros (2.68 million USD) have been transfered directly to Ahtisaari’s personal bank account, and that amounts of multi-million Euros were given to the UN envoy in cash on at least two occasions, totaling up to 40 million Euros (over 53 million U.S. dollars).

According to the Fokus’ source, the German BND Secret Service Brigadier Luke Neiman was directly appointed by the German government to designate part of the German Secret Service apparatus to the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, after the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon requested such service. It was, therefore, the UN Secretary-General who received the detailed report about the corruption of his special envoy Martti Ahtisaari.

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Noam Chomsky About Serbia, Kosovo, Yugoslavia and NATO War 1


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Russian tanks in Kosovo (1999) Part 3


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Russian tanks in Kosovo (1999) Part 2


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Russian tanks in Kosovo (1999) Part 1


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Death of Yugoslavia Part 3

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Death of Yugoslavia Part 2

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