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Siemens provides Serbia with wireless tax system

Siemens Communications has announced that it has developed technology which will allow governments to use wireless modules to verify their sales tax revenues. Data from electronic cash registers will be transferred wirelessly to tax authorities.

The Confederation of Serbia and Montenegro has become the first government to order the new technology. Siemens will supply the country with more than 100,000 of its Type TC45 wireless modules.

Serbian tax authorities previously had to regularly audit sales tax figures using printed tape rolls from cash registers. Retailers had to use data from the paper tapes for their order planning and accounting. To use the data in an electronic system, figures had to be manually input.

The Siemens system will use the GPRS wireless network to automatically record transactions in electronic systems which can be accessed by tax authorities and retailers. Inventory lists, price changes and similar data can be organised for retailers' business planning, not only for tax purposes. The wireless modules can also be used for authenticating credit cards directly with banks.

Dr Milan Prokin, a professor at the Technical University of Belgrade, is heading up the project on behalf of the Serbian Ministry of Finance.

Siemens Communications will demonstrate the technology at the CeBIT IT trade show in Hanover this week.

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