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U.N. report: Milosevic poisoned himself

A U.N. report says Serbia's strongman Slobodan Milosevic was not poisoned when he was found dead March 11 in his detention cell.

The U.N. investigation report by The Hague tribunal said, "Nothing has been found to support allegations reported in some sections of the media that Milosevic had been murdered, in particular by poisoning," the BBC reported.

"The results of an independent investigation by the Dutch authorities demonstrate that such allegations are entirely false," the report said.

Milosevic, 64, died of a heart attack in the detention of The Hague tribunal where he had been on trial for more than four years on genocide and war crimes charges stemming from events in the former Yugoslavia from 1991-95.

Milosevic received "proper care" in the tribunal's detention unit, where he enjoyed special arrangements as he conducted his own trial defense. This allowed him to take medicine on his own and not only those prescribed by tribunal doctors.

The U.N. report discarded allegations he had committed suicide. Milosevic already had serious health problems when he was transferred to The Hague from Serbia.

  1. Anonymous Ivy | 8:55 PM |  

    Who cares how the man that caused so much suffering died? The important thing is that he is rotting away now, and soon, very soon his every molecule will be lost forever. Too bad his offspring still exists.

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