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Serbo Journal

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Bosnian Serb NGO calls for independence if KosovoBosnian Serb NGO calls for independence if Kosovo goes it alone

Belgrade: Representatives of the Association of Serbs from Bosnia-Hercegovina announced today that potential independence of Kosovo would be "a green light" for the proclamation of a Serb state west of the Drina river.

Dane Cankovic, representative of The Choice is Ours NGO, has said that a plebiscite is necessary due to Bosnia-Hercegovina being non-functional, imposed and unnatural, and due to it being organized by Bosniak politicians to suit their needs, without consideration for the interests of the Serb people.

He said that this organization had started to collect signatures in order to launch the initiative for calling the plebiscite, adding that some 50,000 signatures had been collected in eight towns of the [Bosnian] Serb Republic.

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