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Serbo Journal

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Lights out for Serbs in Lipljan

Local administrations in Lipljan have turned off electricity for houses in the Serbian section of the city and nearby villages.

Lipljan Municipal Coordination Centre Director Nikola Zivkovic said that Albanian officials in Lipljan were ordered by officials in Kosovska Mitrovica to turn off electricity and water supplies for the Serbian homes, and are waiting for further instructions to arrive from Pristina.

The Serbian homes in Lipljan and the surrounding villages have been without electricity since yesterday afternoon, and the turning off of water is ongoing, Zivkovic said. He said that the communal services company in Lipljan is asking the Serbian households to pay in between 15 and 150 euros a month for water, depending on the amount of consumption.

The administration of the three municipalities in the northern part of Kosovo, where a majority of Serbs live, decided recently to break all ties with the temporary Kosovo institutions until the cases of recent armed attacks on Serbs in the region are solved. Recently one Serb was killed in such an attack and several were wounded.

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