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Unpunished crimes against Serbs in Kosovo

The list comprising these crimes was sent to UNMIK, together with a repeated request that the perpetrators are apprehended and brought to justice

The list of most heinous crimes committed against the Serbian population in Kosovo and Metohija following the arrival of international civil and military presences, that remained unpunished to this day

The Results of Ethnic Cleansing in March 17th-19th 2004

* 8 Killed Serbs * 143 Wounded Serbs * Approximately 5,000 Serbs Expelled * Torched 935 Homes Belonging to the Serb Owners * Destroyed 10 Health and Education Facilities Belonging to Serbs * Ethnically Cleansed Additional 6 Towns and 9 Villages * Burnt Down Additional 35 Orthodox Religious Edifices (Churches and Monasteries) * Desecrated Additional 3 Orthodox Cemeteries


1. 22 July 1999 - 14 Serbian villagers were killed in a field near the village Staro Gracko, municipality of Lipljan. Natives of this village confirmed that massacred bodies of the harvesters had been found. The following persons were killed: Andrija Odalovic, brothers Radovan and Jovica Zivic, Novica Janicijevic and his father Momcilo, his uncle Mile and his cousin Slobodan Janicijevic, Bozidar and Stanimir Djekic, Sasa Cvejic, Ljubisa Cvejic, Miodrag Tepic, Nikola Stojanovic and Milovan Jovanovic. The international investigating authorities brought in four suspects of Albanian nationality, but after a while they were released.


2. 3 February 2000 - Near Cubrelj village, 15 kilometres southeast of Kosovska Mitrovica, an anti-tank guided missile was fired to a bus carrying a clear UNHCR sign with 49 persons of Serbian nationality in it. In this terrorist attack Plana Rajkovic from Banje village and Budimir Jovanovic from Rudnik village were killed, while five persons were seriously wounded. In the moment of the attack there were many women and children in the vehicle. The bus operated from northern Kosovska Mitrovica to the villages of Banje and Suvo Grlo and this line was used exclusively by the Serbs. The attacked vehicle was accompanied by KFOR.

3. 3 February 2000 - A bomb explosion in Kosovska Mitrovica wounded about ten young men of Serbian nationality who were immediately transferred to a hospital. The attack occurred about nine o'clock p.m., when an explosive device was dropped to a catering establishment "Belami" in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, where a bigger group of young people stayed. As in previous bombing attacks, the attackers ran away from the spot. This act of terrorism caused a revolt of citizens who gathered in a large number first in front of the hospital entrance and than in the hospital area.

4. 8 March 2000 - In a series of terrorist attacks in a settlement called Bosnjacka Mahala in the northern Kosovska Mitrovica 22 Serbs and 14 members of KFOR French forces, one of which was an officer, suffered from severe or lighter wounds. The attacks started some time before noon and lasted almost for two hours. During that time several bombs were dropped and light and heavy weapons were used to attack a group of Serbs, mostly high school students. The attack was initiated by Albanian Ljuan Miftari, who rushed with a metal rod at Serbian young men without any reason. After that a fire was opened at Serbs from a nearby Albanian house called Kratez. The attack continued with bombs. All this happened in sight of KFOR members of German contingent who did nothing about it. French soldiers tried to protect Serbs by forming a cordon, but two bombs were also thrown at them. Later on it was announced that four Albanians were arrested on reasonable suspicion of participating in these terrorist attacks, but no information can be found on their conviction for such acts.


5. 17 February 2001 - near Livadice village, municipality of Podujevo, a planted bomb blew apart a bus of the company Nis-express causing death of 11 Serbs (two of which were children) and wounding 40 people. The bus with number plate NI 117-61 was accompanied by KFOR in a convoy of vehicles transferring 250 Serbs towards Gracanica. Despite the arrest of several suspects after the investigation, they were all released except Florim Ejupi who was found directly connected to Albanian organized crime and circles of former OVK (Kosovo Liberation Army). For the "safety reasons" Ejupi was transferred to American military camp "Bondsteel", out of where he managed to escape after a while. This tragic day for Serbs from Kosovo could have been even more tragic. On the other side of Kosovo the Ukrainian KFOR soldiers stopped near Rudar a convoy of Serbs who were travelling for Strpce. The convoy was stopped and returned because six [remote activated] explosive devices were discovered on the road and dismantled.


6. 4 June 2003 - A three-member family Stolic, natives of Obilic, were killed in their village. Slobodan and Radmila Stolic (80 years of age both) and their son Ljubinko (50 years of age) were killed. Having killed them the assailants massacred their bodies and set their house on fire. Although UNMIK chief Michael Steiner offered 50,000 Euros for information which would enable the arrest of the committers, the investigation ended up without a result.

7. 11 August 2003 - Dragan Tonic (45) from Skulanevo in the municipality of Lipljan deceased today having suffered wounding in the head. Two unidentified assailants shot Tonic in his mouth while he was fishing on the River Sitnica in the late afternoon. Tonic was given first aid in Kosovska Mitrovica where he was operated. Due to a critical condition he was transferred to Belgrade on 13 August for further treatment, but despite all efforts made by doctors he succumbed to his wounds. Ever since the international forces came to Skulanevo near Lipljan, where 350 Serbs live, Dragan Tonic is the third victim, while five persons have been wounded, three of them children. None of the committers of these murders was ever found.

8. 13 August 2003 - unknown persons opened fire from automatic weapon on Serbian children who were having a swim in the River Bistrica in the village Gorazdevac near Pec. Pantelija Dakic (10) and Ivan Jovovic (19) were killed in the assault, while Bogdan Bukumiric (15), Dragana Srbljak (14), Djordje Ugrenovic (20) and Marko Bogicevic (15) were injured. As in previous cases when victims were Serbs, the investigation showed no results and the [perpetrators] of this terrorist crime were not found.

9. 31 August 2003 - In a bombing attack on a shop owned by a Serb in Cernica near Gnjilane, Miomir Savic was killed, and Bosko Dinic, Milos Petrovic, Novica Trifunovic and Ljubisa Simic suffered light wounds. Savic, who got killed and the wounded inhabitants of Cernica were sitting in front of the village shop in the Serbian part of the village when a bomb was thrown at them.


10. 9 February 2004 - In a terrorist attack near Lipljan Zlatomir Kostic (36) from Kosovo Polje and Milijana Markovic (24) from Staro Gracko were killed. Their bodies were found near a fire station, on the outskirts of the town. According to investigating authorities' statement they were killed on a transit road while being in Kostic's car. They were ambushed near the fire station in Lipljan.

11. 17 March 2004 - Father and son Stolic were shot on the very doorstep of their home in Drajkovce, a village in the municipality of Strpce, where they lived after the exile from Urosevac. D. Stolic (1955) and B. Stolic (1984) lived in the village bordering on the neighbour Albanian villages.


12. 27 August 2005 - In the terrorist attack to a bus on the line Belgrade - Strpce, near Albanian villages Firaja and Brod, Staja Ilic from Strpce was shot to death by a fire-arm. A sharp bursts of machine gun fire directed to the bus caused severe wounds to Radoslav Dabic, a refugee from Urosevac, Dragan Veljkovic from Stpce and one more person.

13. 29 August 2005 Young men Ivan Dejanovic and Aleksandar Stankovic from Novo Naselje near Lipljan got killed, and Aleksandar Janicijevic and Nikola Dukic wounded in an armed assault in Banjica, on the road Urosevac - Strpce in Kosovo, which occurred late Saturday night. About nine o'clock p.m. four young men took a car, "golf" model, with a number plate from Pristina, and went from Lipljan to Strbac. They noticed that they were followed by a "Mercedes". Then, near the village Banjica, the four Serbs heard a shot and that they had a flat tyre. When they pulled over to change the tyre, the fire opened once more from the "Mercedes", which was still following them. Dejanovic and Stankovic were shot to death, and Janicijevic and Dukic were wounded. The attackers ran away from the spot.

14. 26 October 2005 - On the road Urosevac - Strpce, near the place called Doganovic, a fire was opened at a vehicle of Kosovo police. The armed assault begun around 20.00, but neither of three police officers from the vehicle was hurt. Although the vehicle received several shots, the driver managed to continue towards Strpce, where the vehicle was examined. These were Serbian policemen in their service vehicle returning from their duty on the border crossing "Djeneral Jankovic" towards Macedonia. It was the second assault on policemen of Serbian nationality in last month and a half on the road from Urosevac to Strpce. One Serbian policeman was wounded in a previous assault near the village Brod in the municipality of Strpce.

15. 11 November 2005 at 01.25 in the village Suvi Do, municipality of Kosovska Mitrovica, an unknown person of Albanian nationality opened fire on Ilija Petronijevic. About 01.20 Petronijevic heard some movements around his house, so he turned on the light in his courtyard, got out and spotted an unknown Albanian who, having seen Petronijevic shouted something in Albanian and started running towards Ibar River. Afterwards, several unidentified persons fired about 15 shots from an automatic rifle in short bursts and 5-6 shots from a pistol, and went away towards a nearby Albanian village on Ibar River.

16. 26 December 2005 around 01.30 in Kosovska Mitrovica - northern part of the town- in John Kennedy Street, in the courtyard of "Branko Radicevic" primary school, where containers and mechanization of a public enterprise "Vodovod" were, [an identified assailant] performed an armed assault on Branislav Antovic, son of Ratomir, from Kosovska Mitrovica (security officer). During the assault [the assailant] fired four shots from a fire-arm - 7.62 mm pistol, of which two shots hit Antovic in his abdomen. He was transferred to a hospital in Kosovska Mitrovica where doctors concluded injuries of liver and large intestine. Antovic was operated, but the wounds put his life in jeopardize. Four 7.62 mm cases were found on the spot.

17. 2. December 2005. About 19.00 in the village Malo Rudare, municipality of Zvecan, unknown persons dropped an explosive device (most probably hand-grenade) on the houses owned by Vlado Antanasijevic and Djura Markovic. The attackers approached the houses from the main road Kosovska Mitrovica - Zvecan, which was 40 metres away from the houses. That is the spot they threw the explosive device from, which fell in the courtyard of Vlado Antanasijevic's house. The explosion made a smaller crater and shrapnel broke one window on the front side of the house and made damage to the façade. The owners of the houses spotted a vehicle which went away after the attack towards the village Lipa, municipality of Zvecan, inhabited by Albanian people.


18. 12 March 2006 - About 20.45 in Klina, Drini Bardh Street, an explosion occurred in the courtyard of an empty house owned by Branko M. Mazic. In the moment of the explosion the owner was in a bedroom of the other house. The incident was reported to UNMIK police on 13 March 2006. According to eyewitnesses' statements, two windows on the house where nobody lived were broken in the explosion. A police patrol with a forensic unit made on-the-spot investigation. A detonator needle wrapped in a tape was found in the courtyard where the device exploded.

19. 1 June 2006 - About 02.30 Miljan Veskovic, a Serb from Zitkovac, was killed on a local road Zvecan - Zitkovac. On that local road the unknown committers made an improvised road block made of broken branches, and when Veskovic stopped his vehicle in front of it, a fire from automatic rifles was opened.

20. 27 July 2006. - About 23.45 in Dragas, municipality of Gora, an explosive device was placed and activated by unknown persons in front of the entrance door of a family house of a [Goran] Rustem Agus, son of Ramiz, born on 13 December 1955 in Dragas, residing in Belgrade. In the time of the explosion no persons were harmed, but the house was severely damaged. In the house of Agus Rustem there was another explosive device placed two years before also by unknown persons.

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