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Gere closes shops in Sarajevo

Sarajevo - Actor Richard Gere, who is a Buddhist and a vegeterian, became ill from the smell of cevapi [trans. note: small grilled sausages, a traditional dish] in the Sarajevo quarter of Bascarsija.

The hospitable restaurant operators were forced to close their shops during filmining in Bascarsija because of Gere, even though they made an effort and brought him the very best cevapi to be had, writes the Sarajevo press.

The famous Hollywood star is in Sarajevo filming "Holiday in Bosnia". Gere's arrival in the Bosnia-Herzegovina capital has not been well-received for a number of reasons, including his muscular security guards who have been tough with photo journalists.

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  1. Blogger John1975 | 8:17 AM |  

    Cevapi?? I love the stuff! I wish they would have gotten another actor for this film.

    On a somewhat funny side note; early on in my "Balkan-Days" I made a fool of myself by ordering socks instead of cevapi...The entire table burst out in laughter! It was all in good fun though.


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