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Serbian Operators Fight Network Dismantling in Kosovo

Following last weeks announcement that the Kosovo telecoms regulator would start dismantling base stations of Serbian operators, Serbia's Telekom Srbija has retorted that its operations are fully legal within the Kosovo region.

Telekom Srbija says that it operates entirely legally and legitimately renders its services at the territory of the whole Republic of Serbia, including Kosovo and Metohija, for which it owns the proper licence and other needed permits of the authorized state bodies. The company says that it renders its services to all the citizens of Kosovo and Metohija, regardless of their national and religious orientation.

The company concluded by warning that the latest threats of Kosovo Telecommunications Agency are not just direct attack on the property of Telekom Srbija, but they also gravely endanger the safety and further survival of Serbs and other non-Albanian communities on Kosovo and Metohija.

Incumbent operator in Kosovo, Vala900 claimed that the Serbian operators were affecting its own network. The information that Vala900 has provided shows that MTS operator operates in more than 28 units all over the territory of Kosovo through transmission on 46 channels (from 71 GSM Vala900 channels), all of these parts of Vala900 frequency band.

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