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Serbo Journal

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Democracy in Action

Over on antiwar.com Nebojsa Malic has his weekly column up. Here is an excerpt.

In April 2003, two KLA veterans died in a premature detonation as they attempted to bomb a Serb passenger train. The incident led Kosovo's then-viceroy Michael Steiner to declare the "Albanian National Army" a terrorist organization. The sloppy terrorists were later linked to Ceku's KPC – by the UN viceroy's office, no less. That same viceroy, Harri Holkeri, bailed Ceku out of a Slovenian jail when he was arrested in October 2003 on an Interpol warrant, based on Serbian criminal charges against him. Holkeri then declared that "Serbia-Montenegro no longer had jurisdiction over the citizens [sic] of Kosovo." He was far less decisive five months later, when Albanian mobs rioted throughout Kosovo and Holkeri hid with the rest of the Imperial rabbits.
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