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Serbo Journal

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Unknown perpetrators planted an explosive device that exploded last night and damaged the bridge connecting the Serb returnee villages of Grabac and Bica in Metohija.

According to Klina municipal coordinator Stojan Doncic's statement to the International Press Center in Kosovska Mitrovica, the bridge has not been completely destroyed but is significantly damaged.

Serb returnees suspect that the perpetrators had the intent of destroying the building tomorrow when a regularly scheduled convoy was due to travel from Grabac and Bica to Kosovska Mitrovica. There are more than 300 Serb returnees living in the two villages.

KFOR is on the scene of the incident and is investigating the cause and the extent of the damage to the bridge.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 5:41 PM |  

    "Unknown perpetrators planted an explosive device that exploded last night"

    When was last night - it doesn't name the day of the week or anything?

    Serbs are cooked unless they find ways of stashing weapons without KFOR knowing.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:17 PM |  

    Last night, wednesday night, there are 6 million of us or more just over the border.

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