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Moscow city govt donates USD 2 mln to Serbian refugees

Moscow city government has donated two million U.S. dollars to build housing for Serbian refugees returning to Kosovo, a source at the Coordinating Center for Kosovo and Metohija said on Tuesday.

A delegation of the Moscow city government has arrived in Belgrade to meet with the Coordinating Centre's head Sanda Raskovic-Ivic to discuss "technical implementation of the project."

The funds will be earmarked for building 75 homes in Ljug and Blagaca, northeast of Kosovo.

Serbian families who fled from the region in 1999 will be able to return to Kosovo by the end of the year.

"Construction work is already in progress," the source said.

Raskovic-Ivic expressed to the Moscow city government "sincere gratitude for fraternal help for the Serbians refugees returning to Kosovo."

She pointed out that this process requires "long-term comprehensive efforts and the Moscow city government helped us a lot in this sense."

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