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Serbo Journal

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Munib Suljic arrested

THE HAGUE -- War crimes indictee Munib Suljic was arrested in The Hague today.

"Suljic was arrested in The Hague today on the grounds of an international arrest warrant which has been active for some time now. He was injured during the arrest effort and is receiving medical treatment." Croatian Internal Affairs Minister official Zlatko Mehun told the Hina agency.

The Ministry does not have any information on why Suljic was in The Hague, and Mehun said that the Dutch authorities will be giving them information on what Suljic was doing on their territory and how he was arrested shortly.

Suljic is accused of killing a Serbian civilian in Pakracka Poljana in 1991. Listed on the indictment with Suljic are Igor Mikola and Sinisa Rimce as well.

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