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Serbo Journal

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Public relations experts to help Serbia ditch negative image

The Foreign Economic Relations Ministry of Serbia is to bring on the services of a public relations advisor in a bid to help the country create a new international image, the local B92 Radio reported on Monday.

Serbia, commonly associated with instability, is seeking to distance itself from its generally negative image among the international community, the report said.

The outside world would have a less negative impression of Serbia if investments were made in public relations to improve its image, said Borka Tomic, an expert of Serbia and Montenegro research in Brussels.

Most positive things in Serbia are unknown, while bombings, Mladic and Milosevic remain its most well known brands, he added.

Yet Vice President of the Foreign Investment Council Goran Pitic believes that if Serbia does not progress in needed reforms and in creating a positive investment climate, having someone to help the country build a new image will fail to bring many results.

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