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Russia to build thermal power plant in Serbia

Technopromexport signed a contract with Serbia and Switzerland's Mentor Energy to build a thermal power plant in the Balkan country, the Russian company said.

The 609-million-euro ($877-million) contract is for a plant that will comprise two 450-megawatt blocks, and construction is planned to be finished in three years.

"Serbia attaches great importance to this project because it will provide work for 5,000-6,000 Serbs and guarantee orders for a number of Serbian businesses," said Maja Gojkovich, mayor of Novi Sad, where the plant will be built.

Technopromexport is a leading builder of energy facilities and electricity exporter. It is also pursuing a number of projects in India, including construction of a thermal power plant there and upgrade of the Obra power plant. The company also plans to take part in a tender for the construction of a 1,900-megawatt power plant in Northern Karanpura, a project estimated at $500 million.

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