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Albanian National Army orders mobilization in northern Kosovo

Prishtina [Pristina]: Through a statement circulated to the media, the
general headquarters of the AKSh [Albanian National Army] has "ordered
mobilization", warning that "the Albanian people must be vigilant and
in a state of alert" especially in what it referred to as "Zone Number
Two" (northern Kosova [Kosovo]) in order, as it stated, to "cope with
the difficulties in the circumstances that could be created by the
staunch Serb enemy".

"The Serbs have launched a political, diplomatic and military
offensive. Their high level of organization is aimed at destabilizing
Kosova and influencing the decisionmaking factors to accept their
plans to retake Kosova, or at least a part of it. The AKSh general
headquarters orders the military forces in Zone Two of Kosova,
especially the units operating in the northern parts of the country,
to increase to the maximum the level of military preparedness so that
we can be ready to successfully respond to the provocations of the
Serb phalanges," the statement reads.

The AKSh also calls for such actions that rigorously abide by the
orders of the general headquarters and the military hierarchy on the

"There must be cooperation with the population, and everyone should be
cautious not to fall into traps and provocations. There has to be
order and a special way of moving on the ground in order not to
disclose the scheme, and to avoid clashes with allies. No action shall
be carried out without the orders of superiors," the statement notes.

"Those who do not respect the national and military strategy of the
AKSh, whoever such people may be, will face the military laws of the
AKSh," reads the statement, which calls on everyone not to betray the
aspiration for the unification of the Albanian lands in one common

The order, with five specific elements, among other things urges the
general mobilization of the AKSh; the movement of units in specific
regions; and an increase in the level of preparedness to the maximum
degree. The order was issued by Maj-Gen Petrit Alia on behalf of the
AKSh general headquarters.

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