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Serbo Journal

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Mujaheddin a threat to Bosnia security

Serbian Democratic Party (SDS) deputies in the lower chamber of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Parliament have announced that they will vote against the Law amending the law on citizenship, which foresees the acquisition of B-H citizenship by naturalization.

The adoption of this law would result in several thousand mujaheddin from Islamic countries gaining B-H citizenship despite the fact that during the war they committed horrific war crimes against the Serbs while fighting under the wing of the Bosnian Muslim B-H Army, warned SDS deputies.

"Instead of these crimes being condemned and the criminals (who committed them) being brought to justice now there is a desire to make it possible for these warriors of jihad to acquire B-H citizenship," said SDS official Cvijetin Nikolic.

The SDS is demanding accountability on the part of everyone who made it possible for mujaheddin to stay in B-H because they represent a great threat to peace and stability in the region.

"This situation makes the whole region unsafe for investment and prevents the creation of a more favorable visa regime," said Marija Perkanovic, a woman SDS deputy in the lower chamber of the B-H Parliament.

The SDS thinks that all mujaheddin should be urgently deported from B-H because that is the main prerequisite for this region to have the possibility of greater peace.

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