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Russia says no to independent Kosovo

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica met with a delegation of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, led by first vice-speaker of the State Duma and head of the Russian delegation to the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Lyubov Sliska.

Sliska said at the meeting that the principled position of Russian President Vladimir Putin and the State Duma is that the fundamental principles of the UN should not be violated while resolving the issue of the future status of Kosovo-Metohija, neither should exceptions be made in the international order. She reiterated that Russia will consistently hold to principled politics.

She pointed to the fact that Russia is against declarations that the issue of Kosovo-Metohija should be resolved by the end of this year, and added that the process of seeking a solution is not over.

Sliska stressed that the result of the referendum, at which the majority of Serbs supported the Constitution, which states that Kosovo-Metohija is an integral part of Serbia, must be taken into account while deciding the future status of Kosovo-Metohija.

Kostunica said that Serbia greatly values the principled position of President Putin and the State Duma that international law must be respected and there can be no one-sided decision to change state borders.

The Serbian Prime Minister warned that any attempt to impose a solution would set a dangerous precedent and have far reaching and unpredictable consequences.

Kostunica stated that Serbia has confirmed her commitment to upholding basic principles of international law through the new Constitution, in the Preamble which states that Kosovo-Metohija is an integral part of the territory of Serbia.

The participants of the meeting stressed that Russia and Serbia cherish traditionally close friendly ties, and emphasized that cooperation between parliaments of the two countries is exceptionally good, adding that there is a great scope for further improving economic cooperation.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 3:48 AM |  

    We all know that the Anglo-Saxons have stated that they are in favor of Kosovo's independece. Their lacky the French poodle (France) will probably follow suit.

    This is because they are Catholics who collaborated with the Nazis and they are war criminals as are the rest of the March 1999 NATO countries.

    Only America has been bribed with free oil from the Islamic terorist nations, and they have pressured Britain and they rest of NATO to scheme to give Kosovo to Terorists in exchange for free oil.

    They have a unfair competitive advantage against their "allies and friends" and the rest of the world. They slandered the Serbs and demolished their nation to enshrine a Fundamentalist Terorist Nation in Europe to ensure that the Europeans always follow orders.

    I beleive that the Americans captured Mladic a long time ago and cremated him so that they could always say that the Serbs where refusing to hand him over, so that they could say that Serbia is holding Kosovo back from European Intergration. This means that the Serbs of Kosovo are pure and can join the EU, while the Serbs of the rest of the country are impure and must somehow reconstruct Mladic's cremated ashes and hand him over to the Hague (The Hag) before they can become pure.

    This is why the Anglo-Saxon war criminals want their Terorist partners to ethnically cleans all the remaining non-Albanians fro Kosovo and to deny the 300,000 Serbs who have had to flee the Islamist under the blessings of the UN and NATO from returning to their homeland. Can the American Police find all the suspected criminals that they would like to?

    The Anglo-Saxons have slandered the Russians over the Livenenko case. I have studied much on the case and have found that the most likely suspects are that the British murdered him becuase the timing of this event was at the worst possible time for the Russians, because it was just before the EU- Russia summit and the NATO recruitment summit. The next best possibility is that Litvenenko as an Islamist became a suicide pill taker to slander Russia to try to keep Buisnesses from investing in Russia. In the spy verses spy world it is usually the one that looks the most guilty who is really the one that is the most innocent.

    Russia will veto any independence for Kosovo because they will keep their word, because they know that they want Buisness to come to Russia to get large and secure profits so that they can tell their friends to make money too.

    Also the Russians want their word to be their bond, unlike the the Anglo-Saxons who we all know are liars, theives, and schemers. We all know that a treaty signed with the Anglo-Saxons is only good for toilet paper, and this is how they treat the UN Charter and UN Security Council Resolutions as toilet paper.

    The Anglo-Saxons only recogise a democracy when a Government follows the DICTATES of America. The Americans prefer 1% of the population to want capitalism and this the PUREST form of democracy to them, whereas if 99% of the people want socialism them to the Americans this is EVIL dictatorship.

    In my opinion, slander and economic santions are genocide and are crimes against humanity, and Russia should take the BBC to Court and seek compensation.

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