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BBC: Balkan jigsaw seeks final piece

Gabriel Partos BBC South-East Europe analyst

The blueprint for Kosovo's future that Martti Ahtisaari, the United Nations special envoy, has presented to leaders of Serbia and Kosovo confirms earlier reports that, if approved by the UN, it would set Kosovo firmly on the path to eventual independence. Supporters of the deal argue that resolving Kosovo's long-term status will settle the last remaining problem left over from the violent break-up of the old Yugoslav federation of six republics during the 1990s.

The Western countries in the six-nation Contact Group that has been spearheading the UN's diplomatic process on Kosovo believe it will boost stability across the Balkans and help the countries of the region integrate more closely with the European Union and Nato as they prepare for membership of these two organisations. They believe it will appease Kosovo's independence- seeking Albanian majority, who have been growing restless after living nearly eight years under a UN protectorate.


Contains no reference to Serbian sovereignty or independence for Kosovo
Blocks Kosovo from joining Albania, or having its Serb areas split off and join Serbia
Kosovo can use national symbols
Kosovo can join international organisations
Creates international envoy mandated by UN and EU with power to intervene in government
Retains Nato and EU forces in military and policing roles
Protects non-Albanian minority with guaranteed roles in government, police and civil service
Protects Serbian Orthodox Church sites and Serbian language

Whatever the possible long-term benefits, the Ahtisaari plan is likely to cause some headaches, at least in the short term, among the countries of the region.

Serbia's leaders have made it clear they will not accept what amounts to independence for Kosovo - even if the word "independence" does not feature in Mr Ahtisaari's recommendations.

While Serbia's political parties are engaged in intense discussions on forming a new coalition government following last month's inconclusive elections, outgoing Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica's Democratic Party of Serbia has indicated that any new government should sever diplomatic relations with countries that recognise Kosovo.

If applied against the United States and major European countries, such a move would be counter-productive for Serbia. It would isolate Belgrade in a way similar to what happened when it broke off diplomatic relations with leading Nato countries during the conflict between Slobodan Milosevic's Serb-Montenegrin federation of Yugoslavia and Nato, in the course of the war over Kosovo in 1999.

However, for several of Serbia's neighbours the threat of possible diplomatic repercussions is a cause for concern. Some countries are worried that a diplomatic rift with Serbia could make life more difficult for their nationals who are part of the rich patchwork of ethnic communities, first and foremost, in Serbia's northern province of Vojvodina. The 300,000 ethnic Hungarians in Vojvodina form the largest of these communities. Besides, Serbia is also home - among others - to Croatian, Slovak, Romanian and Bulgarian minorities.

Violated agreement Yet the concerns of these countries - most of them new EU members - are dwarfed by the potential problems facing the much poorer and weaker states of the region.

Kosovo's independence is likely to revive the arguments over separatism in two former Yugoslav republics, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia. Milorad Dodik, the prime minister of the Serb Republic, one of Bosnia's two autonomous entities, has in recent months been suggesting that the people of his entity should have a referendum about their future - even though breaking away from Bosnia would mean violating the Dayton peace accords which brought peace to the war-ravaged country in 1995.

Mr Ahtisaari's plan contains no provisions for a referendum in Kosovo, not least to ensure that the Kosovo settlement does not become a model for others to follow. Indeed, supporters of Mr Ahtisaari's blueprint, including the Western powers, are at pains to point out that the Kosovo case is unique, not just in the Balkans, but right across the area of eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union where there are still so-called "frozen conflicts" involving national and ethnic groups demanding independence.

Kosovo's unique legal status is due to the fact that it has been under UN administration since the end of the war in 1999. Moreover, any change in Kosovo's status - whether along the lines of Mr Ahtisaari's recommendations or not - is subject to endorsement by a resolution in the UN Security Council. In spite of the insistence that Kosovo should not serve as a model for others, there are worries not only in Bosnia but also in Macedonia.

Many Macedonians fear that if Kosovo's Serbs, who want Kosovo to remain part of Serbia, declare their own secession from an independent Kosovo, that might revive separatist sentiments among Macedonia's large ethnic-Albanian population.

Economic difficulties

However, Mr Ahtisaari's blueprint rules out any partitioning of Kosovo, echoing the guidelines issued to him by the Contact Group. It also bans Kosovo's merger with any other state - which means that the idea of union with Albania (and the creation a greater Albanian state) is not on the cards.

That is not a problem for Albania, which has more than enough economic difficulties of its own to want to acquire further problems by linking up with Kosovo. The prospect of Kosovo's independence is a triumph for Albania - the only country that recognised Kosovo's unilateral declaration of independence in the early 1990s when Kosovo was still firmly under Serb rule.

By contrast, for other countries in the region, the Kosovo settlement process may yet contain many problems and pitfalls.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 1:21 AM |  

    If anyone goes by the previous and current mindset of the Albanians, they will know that all of these so called guarantees in Ahtisaari's proposal are nothing but big lies.

    As long as it does not contain any reference to Serbian sovereignty, then that is all that is needed, and the American's will support that. It does not need to mention the word independence, because that is what the Americans have promised the Albanians. The Albanians believe it that the word independence is completely unnecessary to their quest for independece because, they even say that they are independant since 1999 regardless of the Serbian Constitution or the United Nations.

    The Americans never had the right to promise anyone someone else's land, and the Albanians never had the right to want other people's land, but I know they do not care about what is right and what is wrong. This is why the Americans will not do a deal with the Russians on other people's land because they do not want to be partners with the Russians in theft. This is because if the Americans steal too much too quickly they will get an even worse reputation, as if it were possible America's reputation could possibly get worse, and lets all hope that it does not, but knowing the Americans it could.

    The non permanent members of the UN SC will block any attempts by the permanent members of the UN SC to just draw up borders as they negotiate amoung themselves, and however they see fit. This is why the Americans are saying that Kosovo is a unique case, and it should not set a precedent, although it could. The Americans do not need a precedent because there was no precedent for them before they went to the moon.

    If you think that the Kosovo Albanians can not join up with Albania whenever the time is right in their estimations, then you have deluded yourself. Some people are very good actors and liars and do easily deceive others. The Serbs know the Albanians very well, and they are not decieved. The Americans are not decieved, but I believe that some of the European countries are, although by now they really should know better.

    There is no country that would allow two national flags and two national anthems, although a provincial flag and a provincial anthem might be alright. If any envoy mandated by the UN or EU is not a compliant puppet then the mafia will kindly advise them to do as they are told. Of course there will be the odd engineered "differences of opinion" to make it look like the UN or EU envoy is the real dictator.

    NATO and EU forces have been useless up till now, and they will continue to be useless. Serious thinkers do not believe in the slightest the promises of protections for the minorities, the Serbian language, and the Churches.

    The Serbian Government will never agree to Kosovo's independence because Kosovo is Serbia and always will be as far as Serbia is concerned. The Albanians manufactured their own victimhood with the help of the evil and lying Americans and the 1999 NATO countries.

    The Albanians refect their American masters attitude perfectly which is; give us what we want or we will resort to terrorism if we can not bribe you. Here is just one of many examples where America supports terrorists, while saying that they have declared a war on terrorism.

    Just because someone wants something does not mean that they should have. If a young child wanted to smoke cigarettes this does not entitle that child to smoke even if they throw a temper tantrum in their bid to get their own way. The Abanians have never wanted Standards before Status, because they do not care about the non- Albanians in Kosovo, because, they only want their land and buildings after they have ethnically cleansed everyone who is not Albanian 100% Albanian Muslim from Kosovo.

    There are many people who believe that Ahtishaari was only ever following American orders and was not a fit person to be the UN envoy, because the UN should represent the whole world and not just America. America wants NATO to replace the UN, and I guess it is up the other nations to express their view on that matter. The Nations have to decide for themselves if they will negotiate with terrorists, or give in to the demands of terrorists. It would be a much easier decision for the nations of the earth if the most powerful nation on earth was not also the greatest terrorist nation that has ever existed. It will take courage and integrity by the United Nations when it comes to the future status of Kosovo.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 5:58 AM |  

    If capitalism can not or will provide for the people, then socialism will have to do it. People should not be without work or facilities because of ideology or the self interest of a few, even if socialism is not as efficient as capitalism. I want everyone to know that there are good capitalist and there are evil capitalists, and that I am not against business or private ownership of property. The wars in Yugoslavia were engineered by the evil capitalists because a socialist Yugoslavia was not compatible with glogalisation.

    The Serbian Government has large hard currency reserves and they should use these to employ people and go back to a socialist economy where capitalism will not or can not fulfil their responsibilities. They should not care what the evil capitalists think as what can they falsely accuse Serbia of now.

    I read that Montenegro was to pay Croatia for Dubrovnik and Montenego is innocent. It could be that the EU has given Montenegro the money to pay this "compensation" with some spare money to make the Serbs look bad because of Kosovo negotiations. It could be that the former republics of Yugoslavia are starting to wise up and they are setting a precedent to gain compensation from those who deliberately and in cold blood engineered the Yugoslav wars. The Americans should be charged with genocide and pay compensation for their premedated cold blooded genocide in Iraq. The Serbs of Montenegro have always said that they are the real Serbs and if they have done a deal I do not care, but they should at least let everyone know of it.

    I have recently read on the web that Dubrovnik and Srebrenica were hoaxes. I must do more reseach as I have always thought it was true because Serbian Governments have not done enough to tell people the truth, and I am yet to make up my mind. Just type the words "Dubrovnik hoax" and "Srebrenica hoax" in your search engine and read both sides of the story. This reseach was prompted by this recent news story I read on that American puppet B 92.

    NATO has just said that Karadzic and Mladic are in Serbia and I believe that NATO are on orders to lie because they believe that this will help Kosovo negotiations, and because they want to make the Serbs look as if they are not cooperating with the Hague.

    The Governments of Serbia, Montenegro, and Repubika Srpska should hold a commission of enquiry to find what the truth is over the whole Yugoslav wars and publish this on the web in every language in a waffle free version, and the detailed version. They should not be afraid of calling America an Evil Empire, and they need to be patient because it took mant years to win over the Nazis of Europe in WW 2. The Nazis have returned to Europe and now they ware three piece suits and look respectable, even though they are murderers and theives. It will take some time for the decent counties of the EU to win against the modern day Nazis of Europe the EU of 1999. Serbia should hold a summit meeting of the world's best detectives to prove to everyone that they are cooperating with the Hague.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:06 AM |  


    The Slovak Foreign Minister has asked the Serbian people to accept reality. He is a decent person under great pressure form the greatest terrorist nation that has ever existed, namely America. His words strongly indicate that it was very difficult for him to be this honest in his statements. His underlying message clearly shows the reality that America, most of the EU, and most of NATO are bullies, hypocrites, liars, murderers, and thieves. Serbia accepts this reality as does the rest of the Civilized World, and Serbia is also under great pressure to join this filthy evil rubbish and that is reality.

    Serbia will accept the reality of Kosovo's independence when they see it, and not before that time. If Kosovo does become independent then it will only be because of illegal, illegitamate and criminal actions by corrupt and powerful bullies. The EU style of democracy when properly analysed is really dictatorship that can only get worse for the EU if Serbia does not take a firm stand for Principles, Fairness, Justice, the Rule of Law, and True Democracy. Once the EU wakes up to themselves because of Serbia's very courageous and highly principled stand the EU will welcome Serbia into the EU without any delay. There will be no need for A SAA agreement for Serbia to qualify to join the EU. I think that Serbia could join the EU this year with it's province of Kosovo. The EU does not appreciate Serbia's principled position at the moment, but in time, they will thank Serbia for saving them from the dictatorship that was made to look like democracy by professional deceivers. I blame Germany for this as Nazism is strongest in Germany, and once Germany is no longer leader of the EU, Serbia will be admitted to the EU.

    Serbia is well placed to join the EU because it has fulfilled all of it's International obligations. The best reason that Serbia is well placed to join the EU is because of it's principled stand which is now being applauded by the Civilized World, and in time will even be applauded and rewarded by America and the EU.

    The EU keeps saying that Serbia keeps making wrong decisions, and if they are right, then Serbia should join the Russian Commonwealth of Independent States. Serbia will gain substantial autonomy within the Russian Commonwealth of Independent States, and Russia will only have control of Serbia's army and foreign policy. I know that my opinions are a minority opinion in Serbia, but in a democracy I am entitled to my opinion.

    Serbia is not afraid of Russia, because the days of the Soviet Union are over, will not be coming back again. Russia is helping Belarus with $6 billion a year to become a market economy, and Serbia is not jealous in the slightest because they are their brothers and that is their obligation, whereas the Serbs are just cousins and are not entitled to the same consideration. Serbia does not want any of Russia's money, and whatever Russia's fate is in this world let it be Serbia's fate as well if Russia agrees to having Serbia as a member of the Russian Commonwealth of Independent States. Montenegro should think of joining the Russian Commonwealth of Independent States if Russia would agree.

    The world can very clearly see that NATO can offer it no future. America wants countries like Japan and Australia to join NATO. It does not make any sense for countries like Japan and Australia to join NATO, and this is only because American wants to replace the UN with NATO and become the World's Dictator. The nations will have to express their views on this matter before it is too late, as NATO very clearly can never offer the world any future. The EU and NATO are LIARS, MURDERERS, and THIEVES, and Serbia along with the rest of the Civilized World will STAND FIRM FOR WHAT IS RIGHT.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:46 AM |  

    Olli Rehn said that he was disapointed with Bosnia, because Bosnia will not ignore it's International Treaty Obligations, namely the Dayton Peace Accords. It comes as no surprise that the EU wants people to go back on their word and to ignore their International Obligations, because they have a long track record in this regard, despite the UN Charter, International Law, and the Helsinki final Act 1975. They are self proclaimed guardians of "purity", even though they are LIARS, MURDERERS, NAZIS,and THEIVES. This proves that two wrongs can never make a right, because the obvious wrong is that they defecacte on Laws and Treaties, and secondly they accuse people when they have no proof, and this only because THEY ARE DOGS.

    At the same time, Rehn claims that Bosnia is not keeping it's International Obligations because they have not captured Karadzic. A few days ago, NATO said that Karadzic was in Serbia, and before that they said he was in Montenegro. NATO says whatever their lying political masters want them to say and when it is convenient for them to say it, even though they have no proof for what they say. Perhaps Karadzic went back to Bosnia specially for Rehn so that he could give his famous speech to the Bosnian Parliament.

    Rehn said that bickering over keeping the International Treaty Obligation, namely the Dayton Peace Accords could cost Bosnia it's European aspirations. They have not even got to the station yet, and the Serbs are not the ones quarelling. When Bosnia is told that they are cooperating 200% with the Hague, and they have signed a SAA agreement, then Bosnia can consider betraying their word and their International Treaties. This way the EU will be able to say to Bosnia-now that you have betrayed your word and Treatries, now we are convinced that you are SCUM AND FILTH just like us in the EU, and therefore Bosnia is qualified to join the EU.

    If the EU really wants to capture Mladic and Karadzic, then they would fund a Summit Conference of the world's best Detectives, and it should be covered by UNbiased Journalists. These Detectives would be in the best position to prove that Bosnia is doing their utmost to cooperate with the Hague, and to give advice on how best to capture them if it is possible.

    The Nazis of Europe do not wear uniforms and swastikas, but they are recognisable by their behaviour and attitudes. Poland silences Political opposition by saying that people collaborated with the Communists. It was not easy for anyone in Poland at that time, so why not just forget who collaborated and just focus on their arguments,or is this the closest Poland can get to the Spanish Inquisition days. Nazism is strongest in Germany, and Germany is the Leader of the EU. They do not respect the UN Charter, International Law, they do not keep their word or their Treaties, and especially the maliciously slander innocent people and do not give everyone the presumtion of innocence. There are some countries in the EU who are aware of these Nazis, and they need to speak up because this is their duty to Europe. Despite their respectable appearence, they remain on the far side of crazy, and they are the mortal enemies of humanity. This is why all of Europe must STAND FIRM AGAINST THE NAZIS OF EUROPE, UNTIL EVERY LAST VESTIGE OF NAZISM HAS BEEN THOUGHLY ERADICATED FROM EUROPE.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:50 AM |  

    If anyone looks at Kosovo after NATO and the UN took over, it will be obvious that there is only one fate for the non-Albanian Muslims as far as the Albanian Muslims are concerned, if they can achieve it. If Kosovo is given independence then this will make it easier for the Albanian Muslim to rid Kosovo of all non-Albanian Muslims. The Albanian Muslims have this one thought, and if anyone who is not from Kosovo believes their denials, or their guarantees of minority rights then they are STUPID.

    This is why Serbia will ALWAYS SAY NO to independence for Kosovo because this way there is a chance for autonomy if America will veto in the Security Council. If America vetos in the Security Council then all of the UN SC will vote NO. Serbia will NEVER agree to Kosovo's independence, because this way a future American Administration will find it harder to place WMD's in a dictatorial blackhole of Europe, whose only income will be the infidel's military bases. The sane businesses will never go to a place that exhibits close to the worst characteristics of human behaviour.

    The Anglo-Saxon are the current World Power, and they would like to keep it that way for as long as possible. Some people think that they are not willing to risk loosing the the very last piece of media created illusion of credibility, and that means their Empire over Kosovo. You can never trick an Anglo-Saxon, because the only way to trick an Anglo-Saxon is for him to trick himself. Those who do not do the right thing will eventually trick themselves. The Anglo-Saxons are very worldly wise, but their main power lies in their wealth.

    The Americans are trying to blame Russia for any trouble in Kosovo, and this is to be expected because wicked and depraved people always blame others for the own quilt. I always thought that it was those that disobeyed the Law that are to blame. Strict obedience to the UN Charter was designed to bring peace to the world, and it is only those who disobey the UN charter that can be held responsible. Even if Kosovo become 200% Albanian Muslim, Serbia will say NO to independence for Kosovo.

    Even if Kosovo was 100% Albanian Muslim, this is no reason for independence. It does not matter how much Kosovo wants to become independent, this is no reason for independence. It does not matter if the Albanians threaten violence, this is no reason for independence, and neither are chauvinism, complete racism, and total religious intolerance reasons for independence.

    The Albanians manufactured there own victimhood with the help of the evil American Empire and it's cowardly and putrid puppets. Rwanda had a genocide where over 700,000 people were killed and today they are one country with two main races. Any suggestion that Kosovo is a unique case is sheer nonsense. The best chance for peace in Kosovo is for that evil American Empire to say that there will be no independence for Kosovo, because all of the arguments for independence are totally untenable.

    We all know of Ahtisaari and what a Nazi he is, but let us look at Ban Ki Moon. He has had many oportunities to bring Ahtisaari into line with the UN Charter, but has never done it yet. I know that Ban Ki Moon is a golfing buddy of an Anglo-Saxon politician. I believe that he was carefully vetted and found to be an Anglo-Saxon puppet. This is why the Americans recommended him as Sectretary General of the United Nations. He comes from South Korea, which has many American companies there, and a large military base for protection from North Korea and I can understand why he is a puppet. Just because I can understand it does not make it right, because the UN should be for the world's interests, and not only for Anglo-Saxon interests.


  6. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:03 AM |  

    In 1999, NATO illegally attacked Serbia under the pretext of a humanitarian rescue mission. This was a LIE as the NATO war criminals had no proper justification, and their real motive was to steal Kosovo. The real truth is that the EVIL AMERICAN EMPIRE had conspired with the KLA terrorists to make a socialist country become a capitalist country so that America could make some more blood money.

    Those VILE AND PUTRID EU PUPPET COUNTRIES knew that UN SC resolution 1244 was only a farce as far as they were concerned, because the Albanians were promised independence from the first day. The question is how could they get Serbia to go along with it? The answer is to etnically cleanse Kosovo of all non-Albanian Muslims, and for this time was needed. These RUBBISH NAZIS OF EUROPE the EU and NATO have been covering up and lying to everyone and they are the one's guilty of genocide.

    They have not yet succeeded, and that is where the filthy piece of Nazi garbage, namely Ahtisaari proposed this so called "supervised" conditional independence. There would be no real supervision, but only planned efforts to prevent scandals from becoming public. The real condition for independence would be if Kosovo has become 100% Albanian Muslim.

    The KLA manufactured their own victimhood not caring what happened to their neighbours. Had the Albanians been told that independence was not going to happen from day one, then they would had negotiated autonomy long ago. It is only because America keeps telling them that they will get independence that they refuse to negotitate. This is all America's fault, and if the Albanians have isolted themselves to the point of becoming anti social, childish, and allowing themselves to be deceived, then America and the EU need to send Specialists to help them, and especially they need the truth, but GARBAGE AMERICA and RUBBISH EU are not interested in confessing their criminality.

    If America told the Albanians that they will not get independence, then that may just bring peace to Kosovo. This is a situation where no matter what you do you will probably do the wrong thing for all the different races in Kosovo. Whenever I find myself in a position of no matter what I do in a situation it will not be right for the other person, then I do what is right for me, as long as it is legal and moral of course.

    The nations including the Kosovo Albanians must choose if they will do the right thing for themselves by srtictly following the UN Charter. People are either law abiding or their are criminals. The people of Kosovo are Serbian citizen under the UN SC Resolution 1244, and if businesses are to invest in Kosovo, then they need to see law abiding Albanians.

    Will the nations become criminals because of being pressured by the greatest terrorist nation the world has ever known, namely America, and will they give in to terrorist demands? That is the decision each nation will have to make for themselves. America will blame Russia, but Russia has a principled position, and that would apply to any other situation in the world, namely that there should be a compromise acceptable to both sides. If the EVIL AMERICAN EMPIRE and it's DIRTY GROVELLING EU PUPPET had this principle, then Kosovo would have been peaceful and prosperous at long time ago. It is not too late for America and the EU to do the right thing, because anytime is a good time to do the right thing.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:05 AM |  

    If the President of Serbia does not think that he can fulfill his duties as a human then he should resign, and never stand for any sort of public office again. After all that the so called International Community has been saying, and all that Serbia has unjustly suffered regarding respect for the rule of law, democracy, and not giving in to terrorists, then the President of Serbia must stand firm for what is right. I do not know what the Constituional arrangements are, but I suspect that the Caretaker Government has full powers when it comes to anything to do with Kosovo negotiations. If this is right, then let the negotiations for the new Government take as long as they need to, and the President of Serbia should listen to Parliament before he listens to bribed hostile foreigners that pretend to be friends and allies.

    The President should tell the Anglo-Saxons that they should never ever call themselves the International Community again, because they are not the International Community, but merely the Anglo-Saxon excrement filth of the earth. The International Community is the United Nations Security Council, and this is especially the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

    Serbia should ask other countries to submit plans for a new United Nations building to be built in Belgrade, because the one in New York does not like the United Nations Charter. All countries are welcome to join the New United Nations, except for Britain and America. In time, Britain and America can join the UN, and notice I said join and not rejoin, because Imperial powers where never a part of the Community of Nations. Serbia should manufacture toilet paper with the words UNITED NATIONS CHARTER written on every sheet, and sell it all over the world, and donate this money to the homeless of Serbia that the so called International Community created through their illegal and immoral wars.

    Ahtisaari is of the Nordic race, and Hitler said that the Nordic race was of the MASTER RACE, and we know the saying Gypsies, Jews, and Slavs. This evil Nazi Ahtisaari said that the Serbs as a nation were guilty as a nation. Even Nazi Germany was never accused of this as it is factually wrong and illegal to speak such a thing. Yet, neither did the previous Anglo-Saxon Puppet Kofi Anan or the present Anglo-Saxon puppet Ban Ki Moon put Nazi Ahtisaari right. I beleive that these Anglo-Saxon puppets are being bribed with Secret Swiss Bank Accounts and the prostitutes of New York City. If Ban Ki Moon is married, then he needs to explain to his wife that it is only money and not the prostitutes of New york City that has made him become a puppet for the Anglo-Saxons.

    Can anyone tell me why honest and decent people should abandon their principles just because corrupt, wicked, and depraved people want them to join them in their corrupt activities. Russia's principled position has nothing to do with any sort of payback as the lying Anglo-Saxons are saying. Russia has said that it wants to the World's Leader, and any World leader must advocate 1) Obedience to the Law, 2) Proper Principles, and 3) Impariality when dealing with all people, Non Racism and Religious Tolerance, and Democracy. When the Anglo-Saxons wealth deminishes enough, then the main contenders for taking over from the Anglo-Saxons are Russia, India, and China. One vital requirement is to be a democracy, and this is what Russia is and will always be, because if you are a one party state, then you will never be a contender.

    It is time for the Evil Anglo-Saxon Empire to be replaced soon, because they have committed physical, economic, and cultural genocide on the entire human race for the last 200 years, and it is time for some of their own treatment back. I am not taking about killing anyone, but for all countries to have an economic boycott of all goods and services against all Anglo-Saxon nations. People of other races that are living in an Anglo-Saxon nation should only buy from non Anglo-Saxon businesses in their own country or any other country. They should only employ an Anglo-Saxon as a last resort and give them the least wages that they can. Many people believe that this is vitally necessary and the only way to save the entire human race.

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