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Kosovo: Serb Bus stoned (again) in village of Rudnik in North Kosovo

The UN bus which transports Serbs from the Metohija villages of Bica and Grabac to Kosovska Mitrovica every Thursday was stoned this morning in the Albanian-inhabited village of Rudnik in north Kosovo but none of the passengers was hurt.

Dragoljub Perunicic, who was on the bus, confirmed that the incident occurred when a sizeable group of local Albanians broke the back windshield on the bus and cracked several of the windows on the sides despite the fact they were reinforced.

At the time of the attack there were approximately 50 passengers on the bus, including a large number of children and elderly persons, added Perunicic. He said that today's incident was not the first on this route but it was the fiercest. The incident was reported to representatives of the Kosovo Police Service in Srbica who questioned the Serbs two hours about what happened, said Perunicic.

The bus that was targeted this morning by the Albanians in Rudnik was without a police or KFOR escort. About ten days ago an explosion damaged the bridge between the Serb villages of Bica and Grabac.

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