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Serbo Journal

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Miljan Veskovic, the Serb young man killed near Zvecan, was buried in the presence of several hundred of his compatriots at the village cemetery in Zitkovac.

Kosovo police spokesman Sami Mehmeti said that there were no new developments in connection with Veskovic's murder but that the police is continuing an intensive investigation.

Zvecan municipal assembly representatives held an emergency meeting, condemning the crime that occurred near Zvecan when the Serb youth was ambushed while returning home.

Zvecan deputy mayor Milan Ivanovic said that the assembly had concluded that this was an ethnically motivated act with the goal of further destabilizing security in the Province.

At the same time, it condemned the police statement saying that there are no indications that this was an ethnically motivated attack before any investigation was conducted.

The Zvecan assembly further requested the implementation of an agreement between Serbs and UNMIK that Albanian police are not to patrol in Serb settlements. Ivanovic's assessment is that the deterioration in the security situation is connected with the presence of Albanian policement in places where Serbs live.

A protest meeting against the most recent incidents in north Kosovo has been scheduled for Monday at 12:00 p.m. in the center of Zvecan.

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