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Minister: We warn states against recognizing Kosovo

Aleksandar Popovic says Ahtisaari's postponement of Kosovo status due to Serbia's elections is an excuse.

"Ahtisaari's plan to secretly, working behind our backs, draft a paper on Kosovo's independence fell through. The real reason why it fell through is Russia's firm and principled position that UN Charter cannot be breached, and it would appear Ahtisaari understood the Russian 'no' quite clearly", science minister Aleksandar Popovic says.

Popovic, of prime minister Kostunica's Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS), believes that the best option Martti Ahtisaari has at this time is to step down and let an impartial and objective international mediator take over.

"Our government is sending out a clear warning that any unilateral recognition of Kosovo's independence would have serious consequences. This applies to the NATO countries in particular, those that bombarded Serbia [in 1999]. In that case we would have to ask whether Serbia was in fact bombarded so that 15 percent of our territory could be taken away", Popovic told journalists.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 1:30 AM |  

    The real motive for the breakup of Yugoslavia was an evil conspiracy between the Anglo-Saxons and the Nazi Catholic NATO of Europe. The Catholics would get the ancient Holy Roman Catholic Empire and the Anglo-Saxons would get free oil and land for their military bases.

    This axis of evil which needs people to think that they are pure and honest would use Albanian Islamic terrorists and foreign terorists to reigiously cleans the orthodox religions from all the Balkans and Bulgaria. The axis of evil would then betray the Albanians and go on a crusade against all Islamic religions on earth, especially Europe because of the Holy Roman Catholic Empire.

    Was Kofi Anan an Anglo-Saxon and Papal puppet who was bribed with prostitutes of New York and with large Swiss Bank accounts. Is this why he appointed Martti Ahtisarri who has shown himself to be very biased and criminal in his dealings until now, and does this indicate that Nazi Ahtisarri could be bribed?

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 4:04 AM |  

    This is a citical time for Europe and for the entire free democratic world. Serbia will have the most democratic election ever devised by any human institution with the most democratic Constitution in the history of mankind. This election will see Serbia fully qualify to join the European Union as it will bring into force the world's most democratic Constitution.

    After the Serbian election the non-Albanian people of Kosovo anxiuosly await a proposal by a man (Martti Ahtisarri) known for his strong links to Nazism, and a man who many people beleive has been bribed with large Secret Swiss Bank Accounts paid for by the International Islamic Terorist Organizations.

    The non-Albanian and non-Muslim people of Kosovo hope that Ahtisarri denies the demands of the Fundamentalist Islamic Terorist Al-Qaeda Albanians for independence and grant them highest level of autonomy and bring them under the Rule of Law.

    We have a democratic Serbia, and we need a democratic autonomous Kosovo. The European Union, now under the leadership of Germany, a former Nazi dictatorship can help by ensuring a common EU position in support of autonomy, the Helsinki Final Act, International Law, the United Nations Charter, and United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244.

    Most of the Albanians of Kosovo are completely racist, cunning liars, murders, theives, undemocratic, and totally intolerant of any other religion. They do not belong in Europe; they do not belong anywhere on this planet; THEY ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH. These things are known by all Governments, but they are rightly afraid of this lawless scum.

    We can learn from Hitler that to appease thugs will not get far in the long run. There is going to be trouble one way or another, and what the International Community needs to ask themselves is will they give in to terorist demands.

    With the Anglo-Saxon's credibility in tatters over Iraq, let me assure people that the Anglo-Saxon has a long history of supporting dictators and murders, and Kosovo is just another example.

    These Albanian terorists manufactured their own victimhood with the help of the Americans who were bribed by with free oil for the Isllamists in exchange for an Islamic Terorist nation in Europe.

    These Fundamentalists do not want to live in a democratic multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation because they intensely hate people who are different.

    They keep saying that not giving Kosovo independence is keeping Serbia form joining the EU, but they never give their reasons, because they know that the Islamists could never qualify to join the EU. Perhaps the EU war criminals who helped create this mess, just like the Anglo-Saxon war criminals who created the mess in Iraq could help these Islamists qualify. Serbia can wait until the Islamists is ready to qualify to reach European Standards, and we all know this will never happen.

    I say to the Greeks that they are next for religious cleaning by the Islamists because this is the Catholics secret agenda. Do not say we are safe because we belong to the EU; that is what the people were saying that they were safe because they belonged to the League of Nations, and we know how things changed with Hitler.

    The capitalists can take their money out of Greece, and then there can come turrmoil, and then the Nazi Catholic EU can evict Greece from the EU, and then the Albanians on one side and the Turks on the other and then Bulgaria will be next.

    If you really want to say to yourselves that it can not happen to us because we are a part of the United Nations, then you will have to respect the UN Charter.

    The Albanian leaders can make all the promises that there will be peace, but so can the Iraqi Government even with the best of intentions, and we know how they have failed miserably.

    The Anglo-Saxon war criminals say that you should forget the UN Charter and treat Kosovo as an unique case. A unique case always ends up set a precedent, and this has been proven with abstaining to vote by a UN permanent member of the Security Council. The UN Charter quite definitely states that to abstain to vote by a permanent UN Security Council member means that a definite NO VOTE has taken place. Yet, the precedent was set in the days of the Soviet Union which abstained over Korea and the precedent has been stood down to this very day. I hope that someone challenges the legality of this, because in my opinion the Security Council should their their responsibilities seriously. If Kosovo gains independence, then this will be unique because much of the United Nations conspired to break the UN Charter, and the International Community cowardly gave in to terorists who invented there own victimhood with the only objective to create a Fundamentalist Terorist Islamic Totalarian State in Europe. The Americans had a civil war and yet they are one nation today. We can think of Northen Ireland, Spain, and many other nations that NEVER gave in to the demands of terorists.

    The Serbs have been accused of being ultranationalists and hardline nationalists. Can these people tell me what is the difference between a nationalist and a hardline nationalist. If the Americans said that Alaska belong to America and that we are going to try to keep Alaska would this make then nationalists or ultranationalists? If the Americans said that who ever wants to can have Alsaka would this make them nationalists or traitors?

    Here are some words from a song for all you terorists:

    Everybody is beautiful in their own way
    Like a starry summer's night
    A snow covered winter's day
    Everybody is beautiful in their own way
    Under God's Heaven the world is going to find a way.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 6:52 AM |  

    Whoever wrote these 2 comments is the bigest scum on earth, baby killer,low life bastard and poore excuse for human being.
    Serbia is a terrorist state and and child killer. And Not the Anglo-Saxons and Catholics.

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