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Serbo Journal

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Serbia will never recognize Kosovo's independence - president

Serbia will never recognize Kosovo's independence, President Boris Tadic told Belgrade's Fonet news agency Friday.

The president, speaking after a meeting with United Nations envoy Martti Ahtisaari, said that any decision on Kosovo's independence imposed from the outside would contradict the main principles of international law. Plans for Serbia and its predominantly Albanian region Kosovo presented by the UN envoy have been interpreted by both sides as suggesting a division of the territories, and foreseeing eventual independence for Kosovo.

The Serbian leader said the document submitted by Ahtisaari to Serbian and Kosovar leaders, "does not unambiguously state the 'independence' of Kosovo, and does not mention the territorial integrity of Serbia. Mainly because of this, but also partly because of certain other provisions of the document, the plan opens up the possibility of Kosovo's separation from Serbia." All parts of the document will be thoroughly studied, he added.

The president said he intended to discuss the document with all leaders of the newly-elected parliament, and that he hoped this would enable Serbia to defend its national interests and implement a unified policy on Kosovo. The UN Security Council is expected to vote on a final draft resolution on Kosovo in March.

Russia, a veto-wielding member of the UN Security Council and a traditional ally of Belgrade, has repeatedly said that sovereignty for the UN-administered Serbian province of Kosovo could have negative consequences for unresolved conflicts in the former Soviet Union that erupted in the early 1990s. In mid-January, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that a decision on Kosovo's independence should satisfy both Kosovar and Serbian authorities, and that a forced decision on the status of Kosovo was out of the question.

Last November, thousands of Kosovar Albanians attacked the UN headquarters in the capital, Pristina, over a delayed decision on their demand for independence. The region has been a UN protectorate since NATO's military campaign against Belgrade to end a war between Serb forces and Albanian separatists in 1999.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 3:01 AM |  

    If you do not have any principles, then you do not have any respect for yourself or others. If you do not have any principles, then you are firstly useless to yourself, and to others and to the entire world.

    The EVIL ANGLO-SAXON EMPIRE has been grossly unprincipled and totally lacked respect for itself and for all people of the entire world for over 200 years. They have earnestly taught these disgraceful attitudes to their disgusting PUPPETS in Europe. It has been easy for them in Europe because of NAZI GERMANY. Even today GERMANY is strongly PIG DOG NAZI, although Germany must do this in a more deceptive manner than even the Anglo-Saxons have to.

    The Montenegrins who consider themselves as the real Serbs have become puppets for the Anglo-Saxons in a very short time. They did this by having an Anglo-Saxon band the Rolling Stones perform at their independence celebrations. I do not blame the people, only the Politicians, because they should realise that the entire Yugoslav episode and the way Montenegro became indepedent there really is nothing to celebrate.

    This looks like it is timed for when FILTHY NAZI GERMANY will not be the leader of the EU, and designed to encourage the world to think of independence for Kosovo. The Anglo-Saxons are very cunning and are definitely behind this because it is an Anglo-Saxon band. They could use this to incite the Albanians to threaten voilence against innocent people. I do not care what race a person is, and anyone who threatens violence against innocent people is a PIG, and how dare you PIGS threaten any innocent people! The Anglo-Saxons do not want Russia to gain territory, and the Anglo-Saxons do not want to lose their Empire, because if Russia aquires additional territory, then the world will say that the UNITED NATIONS IS NOW THE ONLY GOVERNING AUTHORITY AND THE ANGLO-SAXONS MUST BOW TO THIS. The best Russia could hope for is to get all non Anglo-Saxon countries to repect the UN Charter, but never the Anglo-Saxons, because they are evil.

    The NATO countries behave as if America will not protect them unless they are DIRTY GROVELLING UNPRINCIPLED PUPPETS. Russia is not a threat to any country because the whole Empire thing is a waste of time and money. The Anglo-Saxons will tell you that it is easy to learn their International Language. The total vocabulary consists of the following; YES MAZZA, or NO MAZZA, or THANK-YOU MAZZA.

    Today when all countries are genetically engineering deadly viruses and injecting the antidotes into their selected populations, the question needs to be asked will the minorities get the antidote too or will they just get a fake. How will the extremely wealthy and tecnologically advanced Muslims guarantee that they will not spread these deadly genetically engineered viruses all over the world? the Muslims can show their respect for Law by abiding by the UN Charter and by UN SC Resolutions. The Muslims can admitt their guilt over Yugoslavia and pay 11 years free oil to all of the regions of the former Yugoslavia immeaiately. The Muslims can immeadiately enshrine freedom of Religion in their Constitutions to gain the trust of other nations. The Catholics, the Church of England, and the Churches of America that are guilty for the wars in all the regions of the former Yugoslavia can pay compensation immeadiately.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 5:16 AM |  

    If a person or nation is poor they can easily be bribed, and we can clearly see this by the example of Montenegro, and how quickly they have become a puppet for America. We should not be surprised if Martti Ahtisaari, Olli Rehn, or Javier Solana are executed and this is made to look as if the Serbian Government organised it, all because NATO wants to steal Kosovo. The person hired could be a poor Serb or a Serb whose family is threatened by the CIA or NATO if he does not do the job. The person who is hired must never tell who really hired him, or he may have to lyingly say the Serbian Government hired him because of being threatened by the CIA or NATO. This can never be blamed on Serbian Government or the Serbian people. The proof of this is that they have not done it up till now, and have no intentions of doing it in the future. These clowns that I just mentioned are worth more to Serbia alive than dead, because these filthy Nazis make Serbia look good.

    The Nazi Ahtisaari proposal says that the minorities will have more priveleges than the Albanians. This may sound nice even if it is true, but I beleive that it was designed to be a source of resentment to be used as an excuse for continued ethnic hatred and continued ethnic cleansing. The only reason the Roman Empire was peaceful and Law Abiding was because there was only one Law and Standard for everyone, because the Authorities knew that anything different would cause resentment and trouble.

    To the Albanians of Kosovo it would not matter how equal, how good, or how innocent the Serbs are because they just do not want under any cercumstances any Serbs polluting "their country" by their very presence, or to pollute the air of Kosovo by breathing it.

    This is what the Garbage Anglo-Saxons, Evil NATO, the Nazi EU, and the Al-Qaeda terrorist Muslims all working together have programmed and engineered the Kosovo Albanians to become. I know that they are very pleased with themselves because this is what they have always wanted. It will take a lot of patience and expert assistance to deprogramme such racist and anti social attitudes, but it will be worth it for the sake of humanity. The Nazi EU that programmed them believe that they can not be helped because they are much worse than the EU teachers and this is why they just want to "wash" their hands of Kosovo.

    The Anglo-Saxons, NATO, and the EU can try to "wash" their hands of Kosovo as much as they like, but the blood will remain on their hands until the Anglo-Saxons, NATO, and the EU RUBBISH confesses to the world that they are NAZI FILTH AND GARGAGE and show the world that they have changed. They can do this by telling the world how they deliberately engineered the wars in the former Yugoslavia, and how their blaming the Serbs for all this is just one big lie. I know that the EU NAZIS can not be deprogrammed, and this is why they will continue to lie, to coverup, to maliciously slander, and continue with their injustice.

    This EU filth say that they want all war ciminals in the Hague. The European Parliaments are full of NATO war criminals and they could arrest these if they are genuine. If the Hague is not fit for a dirty filthy Anglo-Saxon to go there, then neither should any Serb go there. Carla Del Ponte says she has a lot of proof, but it is all lies, and when she retires she could make her fortune and fame by saying she has just seen Elvis Presley who is wanted for war crimes.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:05 AM |  

    I was reading on a web page how the idea of autonomy was invented by Germany before WW 2. If you type in the words FREE NATIONS (www.freenations.freeuk.com) in your search engine, then you should find the page unless of course it has been taken off the Web. It had some very interesting points to make which will require further reading and some time to ponder over for me to make an opinion, because I have just found the web page, but it looks like most of it is true.

    It says that Germany wants to be the Leader of Europe because they have not forgotten their Nazi past, or their strong desire for European domination. If Europe wants to become a World Leader, then they must expel Britain. This is because the British are not and never were really European, but were just in the close vicinity of Continental Europe. The British will always just want to be a puppet of America, and can never be European in the true sense. If you know British people and British history, then you will know that this is true.

    Europe would be the greatest economic and political union in the world if only Continental Europe or real Europe, and this includes all of Russia were in the EU. An association of real European nations from Portugal to Siberia would be the strongest economic and political union in the world.

    If Europe is to be great, then it must have proper principles, and these would include respect for the UN Charter, International Law, Respect for the Helsinki Final Act 1975, the Rule of Law, and the Presumption of Innocence for Everyone. Europe will need a new Constitution that is simple to understand, and that is just a short document stating it's most important guiding principles.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 5:16 AM |  

    The recent claims of a deal that was made between the US and Karadzic, and the existence of a signed document are matters that should be investigated urgently. A team of international experts and detectives should examine the document and give their assessment as to the probability of it's authenticity. I used the word probability because the signiture of the person representing the US may have deliberately been different on the day of the signing, or may have changed since that time. If the deal really happened, and Karadzic wanted to tell the world, then the Americans would easily have gone back on their word and cremated Karadzic. They would also do this to make the Serbs look as if they are not cooperating with the Hague, and to make all the publically owned businesses in Serbia become American owned, because the Evil Anglo-Saxon capitalists especially love their blood money.

    I have read and studied a lot on Mladic and there is one thing that puzzles me. I think to myself how the majority of people would behave if they were Mladic. The man was a General, and he would be an expert on espionage and counter espionage, and especially the use of camoflage and disguises. We have read how Milosovic had stolen millions of dollars, and it is safe to assume that Mladic had access to all the money he wanted, especially to Secret Swiss Bank Accounts, either in his name or a name of one or several of his loyal officers or friends.

    He would have also found gold, rare and valuble old coins, expensive paintings, and expensive jewels that could easily be converted into cash. Most Europeans know that the Serbian and Bulgarian languages are 50% similar. With the right books and dictionaries, satellite internet and television, and a radio to hear the Bulgarian language, most Serbs could become fluent in the Bulgarian language very quickly.

    I have read theories where Mladic was a secret Catholic and was working for the Anglo-Saxons and the Pope John Paul 2. The objective was to make Europe the Holy Roman Empire by getting the Muslims to replace the Orthodox of Europe, and to provide the excuse for the Anglo-Saxons to go on a Crusade and steal Islamic oil and land. I am sceptical of this and I will only beleive it if I hear Mladic say it or there is convincing evidence to prove it. I beleive that all theories and possibilities need to be diligently examined by a summit conference of the world's best Experts, Scholars, and Detectives because this will help our understanding of the real motives behind the Yugoslav wars.

    I beleve that the EU should fund this project as well as a summit conference of UNbiased historians to let the world know what filthy dirty rubbish liars the Anglo-Saxons, NATO, the EU, and others in Europe really are. If the EU will not fund this summit conference, then Serbia will have to fund it even though it will be a more modest affair, but could prove just as effective, and will have to do under the circumstances. I know that Scholars of Balkan history read this web page, and if any Scholar publishes a paper on this, then I hope that it will be done anonymously because the CIA is active in every country and will be monitoring the situation.

    My opinion is that Mladic has always been a loyal Serb, and that he loves Serbia. If I had all this training and resources, I would have gone to Bulgaria and sent a photo of myself next to a famous Bulgarian landmark with the Bulgarian newspaper to prove the date, and then sent a copy to many European newspapers to prove that I was not in Serbia. You can do this with a stolen mobile phone that has a camera, or even a stolen satellite internet. This all seems too easy, and logical and loyal, so why has it not happened? The possibilities are that the man is a secret Catholic pretending to be a loyal Serb and suceeding in his pretence, or there could possibly be some other reason that has not thought of yet, or that Mladic has been cremated. If Mladic has been cremated, then it could be by a number of people for a number of reasons. It could have been the Anglo-Saxons, NATO, the EU, the Muslims, or a person or persons who wanted to steal his money. As to all the different motives for each group, I think that they are all well known to everyone.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous | 7:13 AM |  

    The Nazis of Europe have not forgotten how the Serbs played a significant role in freeing Europe from the tyranny of those SCHWEINHUND NAZI GERMANS. A lot of German soldiers where killed by Serb freedom fighters. Even though those NAZI PIGS had no right to be in Yugosalvia, this does not matter to them because those German soldiers were someone's relative or friend or fellow countryman. The Germans and those who consider themselves to be of the MASTER RACE like Nazi Ahtisaari and Olli Rehn have vowed revenge, and we have seen with the Yugoslav wars and all that goes with it.

    All Popes are aware of these sentiments in the Nazi Politicians of the EU Parliaments, especially the current Pope who is German, and could easily be a Secret Nazi. I have been searching for that web page that said that Mladic is a Secret Catholic who is hiding in the Vatican with the Pope, but I can not find it and I think the CIA, NATO, or the Catholics have removed the web page.

    It was a well documented and Scholarly article, and I will only beleive it if there is definite proof, but it sound extremely possible. If Mladic is at the Vatican, then the Catholics could easily cremate him anytime they needed to as they have the facilities and who would recognize Mladic's ashes from any other, although I think they would have scattered Mladic's ashes to the winds.

    It seems that the NATO alliance is only good if a country becomes a grovelling unprincipled puppet, and I would like to see where that is written in the NATO Charter. The Germans found themselves under Hitler and most of them were not to blame, and Russia came under communism in 1917 because of the Germans of WW 1, and the Russians were not to blame. The Soviet Union days are over, and Russia is not a threat to any country because they know that the Empire thing is just a total waste of time and especially money.

    This planet faces many challenges for which the Anglo-Saxons have proven themselves unable, but more importantly unwilling to provide Principled Leadership. The very real threat of climate change that has been mentioned by concerned scientists is only one of those challenges. Some people may think that the solution is to immunize everyone on earth that does not live on the African Continent, the Australian Continent, and the South American Continent. These people would be immunized against genetically engineered deadly viruses that only kill humans and that are harmless to all animals, insects, and plants. These Continents would be mined, but mostly be left to become forests, and this will lower the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. The tecnology may already be here, and if not it will not take long before the technology is here. Genetically engineered grasshoppers that no chemicals can destroy could soon be engineeered, unless they are already here. They would make a forest into a desert in a short time, so who needs an army these days, because these grasshoppers or other insects or animals will conquer any country. I truly hope that these things never happen, but people hoped that Hitler who did not respect the League of Nations Charter also hoped that WW 2 would not happen.

    We have seen how the Lying Evil Anglo-Saxons and their dirty filthy puppets do not like the United Nations Charter. Nazi Ahtisaari says that Kosovo can never join up with Albania, but he allows Albania or any other region to join up with Kosovo making it possible to create a Greater Albania, and this would mean the same thing. Nazi Ahtisaari is of the Nordic Race that Hitler considered to be of THE MASTER RACE. He is a puppet for the Evil Anglo-Saxons and the SCHWEINHUND GERMAN MASTER RACE wants to reward the Albanians because they were Nazi collabators during WW 2, and to do this while Germany is the Leader of Erope. This is why the Russians will have a close look at his proposal and make sure that the UN Charter will be followed. The world needs to know that the Muslims are law abiding and that they will not use their immense wealth and their technological advanement to genetically engineer deadly viruses and spread these all over the world, while only immunizing a select few. Once the world starts to see that being honest and law abiding is the best policy, then maybe not even Albania will support independece for Kosovo. All the people of the world will be following to see if the Anglo-Saxons and the EU are ready to join the human race and abide by the Law.

  6. Anonymous Anonymous | 4:34 AM |  

    It is obvious that the EU are NAZI DODS, because they always use Nazi Hilter sytle propadanga. Hitler said that if you repeat a lie often enough, then people will beleive it; in fact the bigger the lie the better. The EU Nazi garbage keeps saying that Serbia is not cooperating with the Hague even though they have no proof, and people just believe it. The Germany of today is the Leader of the EU and it is just as Nazi as Hitler's Germany. That FILTHY NAZI COW Angela Merkel is using the same Nazi propaganda by accusing people when they have no proof. It is one thing to claim something as being unconfirmed rumour or just speculation for the time being, as long as it is made very clear. All serious allegations should be thoroughly investigated, but proof must be given before you accuse anyone. This is just called following proper procedure, and the Government is very well paid to do their job.

    Nazi propaganda is very efective and powerful as most Europeans do not yet know that the EU are Nazi filth and garbage, liars, and war criminals. There are many Europeans other than Serbs who are well aware of this but they are in a minority. What Serbia needs to do is to pay people to go to all Countries of the EU and give them one hundred Euros a day on top of their legitimate daily expenses. They must make copies of the information from a Government web site that is written in all EU languages. The document would the standard A4 page, with the margins reduced to 1.5 cm on all four sides so that more truthful information can be written on it. It should only be written on one side because people do not want to read too much, and they might just throw it away if it is written on both sides of the page. It must be a waffle free document that provides links if people wish to do more reaseach, and there must be an invitation to the reader to make all the photocopies they want and distribute these to to others. Copies should be placed in letterboxes, or be left on bus seats or on shopping centre seats or wherever it is likely to to noticed and read.

    Only high motivated, energetic, and trustworthy persons need to be employed for this task. I have heard some comments that the Serbian politicians are a GOOD FOR NOTHING BUNCH OF USELESS IDIOTS. Some people think this is because they are well paid and self- satisfied, and do not care what happens to the country. These comments are made by some people because of the slow pace of forming a new Government. As far as I am concerned, as long as the country is not affected, then the politicians can and should take all the time they want. Only the politicians truly know what is going on, and what is best for the country. If the people collectively did not vote for the right parties, then that is their problem, and if there is a new election, then they can get it "right" this time. This spreading of honest information that I just mentioned and a Parliamentary Resolution that I will mention are URGENT as it will help Serbia to negotiate a better SAA agreement, and if Serbia does not want to join the EU, then this will really help them not to join the EU. It is good policy either way, and Serbia should pass a Parliamentary Resolution immeadiately stating that A MAJORITY OF EU POLITICIANS ARE FILTHY NAZI GARBAGE, AND THEY ARE THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF NAZI BITCHES.

    Some people could be thinking that I may be really an Anglo-Saxon working for the CIA, and I will neither confirm this or deny this. The important thing here is WHO ARE YOU, AND WHAT DO YOU REALLY STAND FOR? Even if I was that, perhaps I know something to save the human race, and if the Serbs are going to be useless then I have to find someone else because the Anglo-Saxon Governmemts are the criminal scum of the earth. I met a man who claimed to be in Mladic's army and he told me a story, but he was not an eyewitness to the event but claims that senoir officers gave strict orders not to spread rumours, and they gave clarification as to this innocent nature of the story because this story was circulating among the troops, and the ruours were compounding. A soldier entered Mladic's tent because the situation was desperate, and he noticed Mladic worshipping a golden statue of Mary. According to this unconfirmed story, Mladic's reply was that the gold would be used for the war effort and that he was only pretending to be a Catholic in a mocking way. This incident happened a few days before the Srebrenica massacre, and perhaps Srebrenica was Mladic's way to show his troops that he is not a Catholic who is working for the Pope, or it could mean that he is Catholic and working for the Pope to make the Serbs look bad. This story plus the web page that has been taken off the internet that said that the Anglo-Saxons and the Catholics plan a holy Roman empire and a world wide Crusade all need to be investigated. I am sceptical of the Mladic story until I have proof, but I do beleve the Anglo-Saxon and Catholic conspiracy even with no proof. This is because if I knew that someone is a drunkard, then I do not have to see him drinking to beleve it if someone said he was drinking. The Catholics used Hitler to try to make the Holy Roman Empre regardless of how many people had to die. The Anglo-Saxons need oil, and want land, and if they can get it for free then this is much better. The Government needs to investigate these allegations, because they are extremely serious allegations. Even though the Anglo-Saxons and the EU monitor and gather information from this web page as they do from many web pages, Serbia needs to send these allegations to the Hague, but only after they are made front page news in all Serbian newspapers and hopefully all EU newspapers.

    It is interesting that the Muslims in Bosnia say that because there was genocide there that now it should be just one country. They could want this because if others use genetically engineeered lethal viruses first, then it is better to be a part of a mixed group. This is something all Albanians in the Balkans, and any monoethic group should consider carefully. The Muslims in Kosovo who manufactured their own victimhood and there was no genocide in Kosovo, because ICTY's figure say it was just over 2,000 of all races, mostly soldiers, are saying that this means they should not be one country. It seems that the Muslims use any excuse that is convient in their own locality to steal other people's land. There has been genocide of the Serbs by the Albanians since 1999, but the EU Nazis like to ignore it.

    We all know that most of the Catholics of Europe are NAZIS, and it would not surprise me if the Nazi Pope is funding research into genetically engineered lethal viruses, and an investigation of this needs to be made urgently. They could be genetically engineering locusts that can only be destroyed by a certain chemical known only to the Catholics or some other group. Other suspicious groups are the Church of England and the Catholic and Protestant Churches of America.

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