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Serbo Journal

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BANJA LUKA, February 10 (FENA) – Representatives of the RS Serb Radical Party (SRS) informed Prime Minister designate Milorad Dodik on Friday that it is important for the RS to ensure a Serb parliamentary majority for the appointment of the new RS Government, otherwise SRS will act as an opposition party to the new Government.

SRS President Milanko Mihajlica said in Banja Luka on Friday after meeting with Dodik that this party finds unacceptable that the new the RS Government includes “political factors calling for the abolition of the RS, parties that have insisted on the filing of a lawsuit against Serbia-Montenegro and whose leaders have submitted to the BiH Constitutional Court requests for the assessment of constitutionality of the law on the RS flag, coat of arms, anthem and name”.

He added that PM-designate Milorad Dodik and SRS share similar views on certain issues, such as the socio-economic issue, and that SRS would seriously consider in the RS National Assembly legal projects that are important for the RS.

Mihajlica said that talks on the establishment of the new RS Government are now in an advanced phase and that the PM-designate and SRS have different position, which means that this party will be an opposition to the new Government, if it is formed.

He confirmed that SRS is working with SDS and several other parties on creating a Serb parliamentary majority.

“The final decision following talks with Dodik will be made by the senior structures of SRS”, Mihajlica said and added that the Serb parliamentary majority would respect all
constitutional rights of other peoples living in the RS.

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