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Serbia PM criticizes EU, rejects any aid

Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica has criticized the European Union for interfering in his country's affairs and has rejected EU foreign aid.

After meeting in Belgrade with Javier Solana, EU foreign policy chief, Kostunica said Serbia "needs absolutely no assistance" in Belgrade's dissolution procedure with Montenegro, which has voted to secede from its union with Serbia, Belgrade news media reported.

Kostunica criticized the EU for supporting Montenegro's independence referendum and for interrupting EU association talks with Belgrade. EU officials called off talks with Serb leaders after they failed to arrest a war-crimes suspect.

Kostunica warned that a solution to the future status of Kosovo, a province of Serbia that is also considering independence, will be a "great, serious test for the EU."

Serbs and ethnic-Albanians have been meeting, assisted by U.N. and EU officials, to decide who will govern Kosovo, once U.N. and NATO personnel leave.

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