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Ahtisaari Confers With Eu Council On Kosovo

Brussels. UN special envoy Martti Ahtisaari conferred on Monday in Brussels with EU foreign ministers on negotiations on the future status of Kosovo and Metohija, the Serbioan Tanjug reports.

At the closed door meeting that lasted one hour, Ahtisaari informed the Council of the European Union about his decision to set out his proposal on the future status of Kosovo and Metohija after the parliamentary elections in Serbia, and not by the end of the year, as earlier announced, Tanjug's sources in the Council said.

Ahtisaari did not wish, following the meeting, to make a statement to journalists.

It was later reported that the European Union foreign ministers have backed Ahtisaari's proposal.

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  1. Blogger observer | 10:09 AM |  

    Just a note: the EU Council did not back Ahtisaari's proposal, but rather as the Council press bulletin describes 'there was an exchange of ideas.' For a Council backing there would have had to been a vote, which there wasn't. The Spanish were pretty robust in opposing Kosovo's independence and a couple other EU member states were on the fence.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 3:46 AM |  

    The EU keeps saying that they want Serbia to join the EU, but I believe that Serbia would be better off not joining the EU. The EU is highly regulated to the point of not being able to organise a drink up in a brewery. They are also big hypocrites, liars and war criminals so why would you want to join them. They will keep promising you money and even if it is true, as far as i am concerned they can keep their blood money.

    Serbia should become a capitalist paradise and ban workers unions and have the people self discipline themselves to not put up prices by more than 3% a year and to treat workers fairly. I hope that Seria only gets three political parties at the most. The successful natons have only two major political parties and both the of the major political parties have the same agenda, even though they pretend to have big differences and different agendas. I would like to see Serbia and Montenegro become colonies of Russia. The whole region that was Yugoslavia should have a truth and reconcilliation commission and get compensation from the Anglo-Saxons and the Catholics of Europe. Yugoslavia should get 11 years free oil from the Muslims who conspired with the Anglo-Saxons war criminals and Catholic war criminals of Europe. I believe that America is getting and has been getting free oil from the Muslims for a long time by using threats or blackmail. This is because America is the contract nation for the International terrorist organizations. America hates democracy because you can not blackmail a former Government, but you can blackmail a leader who will stay in power a long time.

    The Nazi NATO Catholics of Europe want Serbia to give up Kosovo so that they and the Anglo-Saxons can have the excuse they strongly need to go on a Crusade against the Islamic religions. They will betray the Albanians and remove all Muslims from Europe as soon as the Albanians and foreign terrorists have cleansed Europe of the Orthodox religion. This is why the Albanian Islamic terrorists want their own nation so that they can control immigration instead of Belgrade. The Anglo-Saxons and the Catholics want to set up the Holy Roman Catholic Empire, and to get free oil and land for military bases to control the world.

    These evil conspirators know that an Islmamic Kosovo could never qualify to join the EU. They lyingly claim that Serbia and Kosovo can only have European standards if they are seperate borders so that can then be a part of the EU that will not have borders. They know that this does not make sense and that they are filthy liars. Never belive the Anglo-Saxon war criminals or the Nazi NATO Catholic war criminals! These war criminals may have captured Mladic a long ago and cremated him, and scattered his ashes so that he can never be found. (Even if Mladic is found that is no reason to join the EU). They do not want and they know that an Islamic Kosovo could never qualify to join the EU. They want the Turks and the Albanians to religiously cleans Greece and Bulgaria before they go on their Crusade. If an Islamic Kosovo could qualify to join the EU, then they can join as an integral part of Serbia. If Kosovo does become independant then Serbia should ban ONLY the Catholic and Islamic religions and put this in the constitution. Every Government has the obligation to protect their citizens from evil, scheming and dangerous religions. These conspirators never believe that EVERYONE is entitled to the presumption of innocense, yes even a Serb. Serbia does wish ANYONE any bad, but Serbia should have enough self-respect to not want to join these NAZI CRIMINALS until they first admit that they are nazi garbage and liars and they show themslves worthy.

  3. Anonymous Finn | 12:11 PM |  

    Nice speech! Upside down, congratulations, thanks!

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